Lego Bricks - What can a Virtual Assistant do

As a small business owner, you are used to being “Jack of all Trades” – if there is a job to be done, then the chances are, it will come under your remit.  You, unfortunately, cannot be the one saying, “that’s not part of my job description”, because quite simply if you do not do it, who will?

What if I were to wave my magic wand and give you back at least one hour, maybe more of your day?  What would you do with it?  Catch up with your top tier customers?  Work on your growth strategy? or maybe just play Lego with that little someone special?

Well, Guess what?  I can give you back as much time as you require.  I can do that, not because I am a superhero or Harry Potter’s mate, but because I am a Virtual Assistant and that’s my job!  I can take the routine jobs that are on your list of must-do’s or the jobs that you hate doing, how about the tasks that you know need doing, but you aren’t quite sure where to start?  Outsource to a Virtual Assistant, like me and regain those precious hours.

What can a Virtual Assistant do?

So what about if you like the idea, but just don’t think you have anything worth outsourcing? What can a Virtual Assistant do for you?  Believe me, there are hundreds of jobs that I can take on and, in so doing, relieve some of the stress and enable you to concentrate on things that only you can do.  Still not sure?  Well, here are a few examples to get you on your way:

Improving your sales funnel

Let me guess, somewhere on your desk or maybe lurking in a drawer will be a pile of business cards that you are just not sure what to do with?  They could be useful, right?

  • You forward copies to me of all the cards you have gathered during the last month (or longer, I don’t mind!)  I can create or update a database of all unqualified leads, use mail merge to produce follow-up letters and send them to you for signature or set up an email signature and send the letters.
  • You email me your new prospect leads and I can enter them into the contact database and send them an introductory letter.  I can then monitor response and send out marketing pieces on a pre-agreed timescale.
  • You allow me access to emails sent to you and I can create a database of the results, allowing you to see where improvements can be made, where any additional training of sales force is needed or where they need to focus more attention.
  • You have a contact list that needs updating and cleansing?  No problem.  I can verify contact details, update your list and return it to you.

Personnel & Human Resources

Looking to expand? Recruitment can be a real drain on time and resources.  How do you even know where to look for that model employee?

  • I can write recruitment ads, place them, receive and screen resumes, conduct initial interviews by Skype, telephone or in person (depending upon your location) Produce a shortlist of three or four potentials and schedule interviews in for you.
  • I can contact referees and verify past employment and report back to you.
  • I can prepare and send a welcome pack to the new employee.
  • I can track appraisal due dates, report these to you and even carry out the appraisals for you after receiving the information by email from you.  I can provide feedback from the appraisal in your chosen format and highlight common areas of discord.
  • I can prepare or update a CV for you and produce a cover letter.  I can research job opportunities that match your skill sets and set up email notifications for you.  I can ensure your CV appears on all major job boards.  After the interview, I can send out those all-important thank you letters to potential employers.

Transcription and minute taking

Let me help you keep on top of all those meeting notes.  I can:

  • Record telephone calls and email you transcriptions.
  • Attend your office (depending upon location) and take minutes of meetings and produce transcriptions to be emailed to you and any stakeholders.

Mail, E-mail Services

Does your inbox lack a little TLC?  I can sort it:

  • I can set up and organise your outlook or Gmail inbox, creating folders, auto-responders and labels, as appropriate.
  • Maybe you are out of the office a lot.  Do you travel frequently and hate returning to the stack of mail?  I can set up a post office box near me, where you forward all your mail whilst you are away. I can retrieve the mail, scan and email any important items to you, respond to any routine matters, and forward non-urgent items to your office.
  • I can ensure you do not miss any important emails whilst you are on holiday by setting up email forwarding, reviewing all emails and advising contacts that you are away.  I can contact you with any important or urgent matters.

Project Management  

Do you spend too much time making sure everyone else is on time?  I can:

  • I can stay on top of all those deadlines by keeping in touch with sub-contractors, employees and team members to ensure they are on target.  I can report back to you by email or through the use of electronic scheduling tools.


Need help with those purchases?  I can:

  • Send you a list of office supplies you use on a regular basis.  You confirm what you require and I can order them for you.
  • Research and compare prices on all those “big” purchases of office equipment, utilities, preparing a report of all options available and sending to you.  Once you have made up your mind, I can place an order for you.

Research Services

Allow me to do it for you.  I can:

  • Analyse your Social Media pages to provide demographic information on your followers.  Where they live, what their interests are, their age bracket etc.; prepare a report and send it to you.
  • Research target markets for you.  I can prepare lists, call to confirm the correct details for a contact, prepare and mail introductory information and monitor the same.  I can also schedule in sales calls.
  • Want to know who your competition is?  I can search online and prepare a report on my findings.
  • Want to increase your advertising or explore new avenues?  I can compile a list of possible advertising opportunities, obtain media packs, demographic information, prices, and deadlines, advert sizes etc. and forward to you for review.

Social Media

What to post, when to post…even how to post.  I can:

  • Find industry-related groups and organisations that you can join.
  • Curate content aimed at your target market for you to use in SM posts or blogs.
  • You send me articles you have written and I can use segments as SM posts, or create newsletter posts from these.
  • I can set up a web service to enable you to post to all your SM sites simultaneously, saving you time.
  • Creates business profiles for you on any of the SM platforms, allowing you to send out business-related posts. I can send out invitations to your contacts, inviting them to “Like “your Facebook Business page.
  • I can use analytics tools to prepare a report on who your fans are, where they are based and what they are interested in.
  • Source images for use in SM, blogs, newsletters etc.
  • Train your staff on best practice in SM posting, best ways to construct a post and optimal posting times.

Travel and Accommodation

5 star or budget?   I can:

  • Research travel plans and create itineraries for complex trips, ensuring you are where you need to be at the right time.
  • Book tickets to social events, professional exhibitions etc. and handle the logistics of getting you there.
  • Book accommodation, taking into account your accommodation preferences and any other requirements.
  • Research quickest routes and prepare reports for you to consider.

Lifestyle management

Never forget another important date again!  I can:

  • Book restaurants for special occasions or meetings
  • Research options for conferences and events, with accommodation if required.
  • Source interesting and unusual gifts within a certain budget, organise wrapping and sending to the recipient.
  • Write thank – you cards, invitations, Christmas cards and send these out.
  • Organise Christmas hampers for customers, or gifts for staff members.
  • Research cheaper utility companies.
  • Suggest and source new additions to your wardrobe for that important event.

So you see, if you are asking “What can a Virtual Assistant do for me?” the answer is loads!! There really are a myriad of different ways in which I can assist you to get some balance back into your life.  You will find that once you start outsourcing, you will find many ways in which I can help you to not only add hours to your day but shave items off that “Must-Do” list.  What are you waiting for?  The Lego is calling….

If you would like some ideas or a chat with me to discover how I can help you, please get in touch.

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