Our Services

Virtual Business Support, however and whatever you need.

Omnia Business Management offers virtual business support for you and your business.  No matter what your challenge, no matter how small or large the task, we are here to help.

How many hats do you wear in your business? Probably several, but do you need to?  By continually trying to do everything, you could be limiting your business growth.

Whilst your business is “your baby”, trying to be “all things to all men” can leave you physically drained, overwhelmed and the effect on that work/life balance?  Well, you can feel as if you are constantly playing a juggling game and never winning!

Omnia Business Management’s virtual business support services mean you don’t have to try and do everything.  By taking advantage of the services we offer, you can free up time to concentrate on the tasks that bring you joy and the things only you can do and let us take care of the rest.  You don’t have the hassle of employing a permanent member of staff and with our expert support you can add more productive hours to your day and wave that feeling of overwhelm goodbye!


How can you decide what tasks to outsource?  Read my guide here.

Our range of virtual business support services, specially designed for small businesses, means you can outsource your admin., your social media or your marketing,  and only pay one invoice - simple!

Want to outsource something but can’t see it listed, or just not sure where to start?  Contact us for a no-obligation chat.

We Offer:

Social Media Management

We can manage your social media for you.  If you know you need a presence on social media but either don’t have the time or inclination to manage it in-house, then this service is for you.  We adopt an holistic approach to your social media by considering your overall business goals and objectives and get social media working for your business delivering the results you deserve.

Blog Writing

If you appreciate the benefits to your business of including a blog, but would like someone to take the actual writing off of your hands, then we can help. No matter what the subject area, we can research and write content that your audience will want to read and gain you the exposure you require.

Social Media Training

If you would like the know-how to manage your social media in-house, learn what to post and when to post it, or what to say on each platform, then our one-to-one Social Media Training Packages, tailored to your needs and ability are just what you need to help you become confident, build the necessary skills  and become “social media savvy” so that social media need not take hours of your time.

Business Admin, Services

Get your day to day admin. tasks off your to-do list and completed efficiently and on time whilst you concentrate on growing your business and those core business functions, or maybe spending that long-promised extra time with the family. If you would like either ad-hoc or longer term cost-effective support, then look no further!

Marketing Support

You know you need to promote your business, but unless you have the luxury of a dedicated team, marketing effectively can involve spending time you don’t have and can seem like a never-ending chore.  Let us be your marketing team and free up your time to concentrate on other areas of your business, either on a consultancy basis or offering practical support.