Virtual Assistant Pricing & Packages


To make our Virtual Assistant pricing as transparent as possible, we offer different pricing and package options, which generally suit most types of business support work or projects that we are asked to assist with, whether you require one-off, ad hoc support or a set number of hours assistance every month.

With the exception of our hourly ad-hoc rate, which is invoiced in arrears, all options are invoiced in advance and must be utilised within one month of work start date. A maximum of 10% of hours may be carried over to the following month.  A detailed timesheet is provided on all virtual assistant pricing options, so you can keep track of the time spent on any task. We track time to the minute, so you only ever pay for the time we work for you.

For general business support services (i.e anything other than social media management) you may book an individual time package, but for added peace of mind in guaranteeing the time you require each month, why not book a Retainer package? These are perfect for ongoing support.

If you are not sure what you need, or how much time a task will take, maybe you have a set budget or would just like to discuss your individual requirements, then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Ad hoc / Hourly Rate

£35 / Hour

  • N/A

10 hr package

£32.50 / Hour

  • £325 monthly

20 hr package

£30 / Hour

  • £600 monthly

30 hr Package

£28.50 / Hour

  • £855 monthly

40 hr Package

£27.50 / Hour

  • £1100 monthy