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Awareness Days, weeks or months are specific days, (usually around the same date each year) which are set up either by organisations or individuals to raise awareness.  Some are funny, some are serious, and some are just plain weird.  But what they do have in common, is their ability to create engagement and discussion if included in your social media strategy.

Whilst some will say you should focus on Awareness Days that are relevant to your business, I have a different take.  I believe that Awareness Days of the humorous variety can be useful, too. We live in a time where engagement is key to increased reach and what better way to encourage engagement than with some well-placed humour? The more amusing your post, the higher the likelihood of engagement and, ultimately, your audience coming back for more.

How to use Social Media Awareness Days

It is, generally, the content that sparks an emotion in your audience that wins in the engagement stakes, so by sharing a humorous GIF or post centred around an awareness day, you can not only encourage your audience to share your content, but also demonstrate your relatability.  It is so important to show the human face behind your business and by creative use of a social media Awareness Day, you can demonstrate your sense of humour  and encourage your audience on the road to that all-important know, like and trust of a successful buyer-seller relationship. Awareness Days can also work to reinforce a sense of community to your audience.  The fact that they “get” your sense of fun helps build that feeling of camaraderie.

The great thing about Awareness Days, is that your content can be planned and scheduled well in advance.

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As mentioned, if there are social media Awareness Days that can be linked directly to your business, then great.  Make sure to use any relevant hashtags across all platforms to further maximise your exposure to the wider audience following the event.  Include photos or images, where possible to further bring your copy to life and give it some context.

Why not use an Awareness Day to highlight a service you provide, perhaps a member of your team or to show your support for a national campaign?  Include them in a blog post, create a competition around them or even run your own event. Be sure to post on-brand and in the style of your usual posts.

Top Tips on using Social Media Awareness Days:

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Make your posts visually appealing.  Make the most of the opportunity and create a caption that will appeal to your target audience.

Check the date for this year and make sure you’ve scheduled it for the correct date – Dates do change!

Prepare your content in advance to give plenty of time to plan maximum exposure.

Remember those hashtags ( The only time that a hashtag is relevant on Facebook!)

Don’t use too many – A maximum of two Awareness Days a month is about right.

How Do I Find Social Media Awareness Days?

Simple! You can download our Smashing 365 Social Media Pack.

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You’ll receive all the following:

  • A 12-month editable social media planning calendar.
  • A PDF version for you to print off and pin on your noticeboard.
  • Daily prompts and suggestions to create engaging social media posts.
  • 25 captions to spark inspiration and make publishing your posts a breeze
  • National Holidays, Awareness Days and other “Special” Days (Some serious, some just downright fun!) for you to use as themes for your posts.
  • 50 graphics illustrating these “Special” days to pep up your content.
  • 25 quote-based graphics, to inspire you and your audience and designed to fit in, whatever your branding.
  • 25 engagement graphics, to get your audience talking and encourage those conversations.
  • All 100 graphics are provided in both square and wide sizes for ease of use and to make them as versatile as possible.

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