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Are you making the Episode or the Adverts? Part 2

In my last blog, we talked about the power of storytelling in marketing and why you should use them. In this article, I’m going to focus on how to incorporate marketing stories into your content marketing.

The purpose of interweaving a story into your marketing is to “show” rather than “tell”.  We, as the storyteller are looking to demonstrate some commonality with our target audience; to have them believe that we know what we are talking about, that we can solve their problems and, ultimately that we are human. Marketing stories can create this contact perfectly. 

Follow these steps to creating great marketing stories that will resonate with your audience.

1.Know Your Audience.

Your first step is to know your audience.  If you’re looking to connect with them, then you need to really get under their skin and reflect this in your marketing stories.  By discovering the issues that keep your target awake at night and demonstrating your solution to this problem, your audience will love you and really “buy-in” to your story.

2. Frame Your Marketing Stories

With one ear to the ground, so to speak, you can really see the way your audience views the world. Frame your stories so that they resonate with your target audience. This will help them build trust in you.

3. It’s the way you tell ‘em!

Craft your marketing stories in the same way that you would a regular story.  You need to make it exciting, but relatable.  Remember though that it shouldn’t stretch the realms of possibility – it needs to be believable.  Think of your story as a road, with your target waiting at the start point. The road (your story) should twist and turn, taking into account the problems that your audience experience, but the road should ultimately take them to the destination of your choice.  Ask yourself, what is the conclusion that you wish your audience to come to? Do you want to lead them to find out more about your services? Buy a product? Enrol in a course? Whatever the end result you aspire to, craft your marketing stories to take your audience there.

Marketing Stories – My own experience

I use marketing stories regularly, both in blogs and social media posts.  Whilst most of my content is about my work, I also include personal elements into the content mix, too.  My About page gives an example of this.  Here, I talk about me and my experience, but interlink that with my background and my family.  Hopefully, my target audience of small business owners can see that I, too, am a small business owner and juggle work and family life, just like them.

My recent blog, “Small Business Rebranding” tells a (very human!) story about the rebranding exercise I undertook and the pitfalls I encountered.

If storytelling isn’t your bag; if putting pen to paper puts shivers down your spine, in the last part of this blog series, I’ll highlight the ways my team and I can help you create your own marketing stories.

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