Social Media Training

Get your business social media right, first time.

Business Social Media Training, tailored to your needs. Social media can be a powerful tool for your business and expose you, your business products, and services to a wide audience. But, it can also be intimidating if you are unsure how to harness that power for business use.

Additionally, understanding the difference between platforms, which ones suit your business best, and how your message should differ, depending on which platform you use, is key.

Knowing how to plan, how to create, and how to schedule content can streamline your whole social media use and ensure that your business is discoverable and of interest to your target audience, whoever they are.

Omnia Business Management offers comprehensive training on a one to one or group basis and tailored to your individual needs and level of ability.

  • Bespoke training, tailored to your individual needs.
  • Delivered via Zoom or at your office or other convenient location.
  • Fun, straightforward, and affordable.
  • Suitable for complete beginners, intermediate and more advanced levels of knowledge.
  • Available for individuals, small groups, or communities.
  • Typical duration: 2 hours per session.

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Thumbs Up in the Clouds - Social Media Training

If 1:1 or group training doesn’t suit, then why not join our Everything Social Membership Group? Specifically for small business owners who want to demystify and get to grips with their business social media and marketing, but prefer a small group environment, our membership group provides an affordable solution.

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