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Social Media Engagement.  A phrase that gets banded around so much when discussing social media. After the recent Facebook algorithm changes, where social media engagement became paramount, this one word can spread fear and panic whenever it is mentioned.  But what is “Engagement”? Many are not clear on what this term means in practice, let alone how to achieve it.  Put simply, Engagement means getting your page followers to do something (like, comment, click to open a picture, click on a link or share) in response to your post.  So, how do you put that into practice?  9 social media engagement strategies here:

Social Media Engagement Strategies – How many are you employing?

1. Consistency

Frequent posting keeps your brand visible and reminds your audience that not only do you exist but that you have something great to say.  Think of your post as a gentle tap on the shoulder of your target every so often as if to say, “Hey, I’m still here, still great, still interesting, want to find out more?”  Don’t, however, be tempted to post too often – you don’t want to appear desperate, do you?  The safe range is anywhere between 1 – 3 posts per day.  Any more and you will be regarded as “spammy”

2. Content

Images are great, especially those of the non-stock persuasion!  If you have to use stock photos, then some great free sites are Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay.

According to HubSpot, visual content is more likely to get shared than other types of content, with 4 X as many consumers preferring to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

3. Authenticity

Be you, not “CEO”, “MD” or any other title. As a result, you help your audience to build trust in your brand by showing your human side.

4. Listen

What does your audience want?  (Do you ever ask them?) Listening Statue - Social Media Engagement StrategiesWhat problem(s) can you help them resolve? Once you have the answer to this, you can, as a result,  use social media to showcase your excellent customer service by responding positively to criticism and by demonstrating to your audience that their contribution is valued.

5. Ask

Questions open your posts to your audience, inviting them to contribute. Consequently, they are the single most effective method of engaging someone.  Questions trigger the natural human reflex called instinctive elaboration. This reflex forces people to pause and start looking for or formulate an answer. By responding to any followers’ comments, you therefore demonstrate that you value your audience’s interaction and viewpoint and signal to the various algorithms controlling each platform that your post is important and worthy of a wider audience. If you are looking for ways to improve your social media engagement, then questions are where you should start!

6. Tag Someone

A sure-fire way of increasing social media engagement is to ask your audience to tag a friend to whom your post relates.  This is a great social media engagement tool and a great way of bringing some fun into your posts and demonstrating that human side!  Similarly, a caption competition is good.  Either “Caption this photo” (Great for those spurs of the moment snaps at the office get-together!) Alternatively, how about “Guess where this picture was taken?” or even, “Guess what this image is/ is used for”

7. Engage yourself

Attract others to your feed by commenting and engaging on others’ posts.  Not only will this potentially grow your audience from their audience, but it consequently encourages those whose post you have commented on to reciprocate.

8. Use Your Metrics

By looking at your engagement figures in the metrics section (commonly referred to as “Insights”), you can see very easily which posts have been popular with your audience and which are, well…best forgotten!  If your audience loves your videos, why would you not post more videos?  If they enjoy your Hints & Tips, then give them more!  Keep your audience coming back for more by providing a mix of content that they love!Nought and Crosses - Social Media Engagement Strategies

9. Monitor

Use one of the many free apps which track shares, Re-Tweets, Likes, and keywords associated with your brand and ensure that, when any of the above happens, you are right back at the engagor, acknowledging and thanking them for the action.  Google Alerts can also be set up to show any mentions of you or your brand on social media. As a result, you will not only be able to see what people are saying about you but potentially obtain content for your own feed!


So, 9 tips for social media engagement.  How many do you use?  Like anything, it is important to at least try them and measure success for at least a couple of months before deciding if they work for you.  Very often it can be a case of trying several and seeing which work for you.  It stands to reason that the more you can adopt into everyday practice, the better your social media engagement is likely to be.  I would love to know how you get on with using these social media engagement strategies.

If you would like to discuss increasing your engagement or any other aspect of social media management with me, then please do get in touch.  I offer a variety of social media management packages aimed at small businesses just starting out, right through to packages for more established companies who want to stand out amongst the “white noise” of social media today.


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