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Small Business Saturday Ideas – Time for your Business to Shine!


Looking for Small Business Saturday Ideas? Saturday 1 December 2018 marks more than the start of the festive season.  As Small Business Saturday 2018, it presents a golden opportunity for small businesses to show what they’re made of!
Small Business Saturday is the prime day of the year for shameless self-promotion!
According to the FSB, in 2017, small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses. Small Business Saturday gives you the perfect chance to not only ramp up customer engagement and sales but focus marketing efforts on your local community.
It doesn’t even matter if you are location-based or virtual, the principles remain the same.
But for small businesses with a limited or non-existent marketing budget, can you promote yourself and compete with the major retailers?

What have you got to offer?


The answer is yes.
Whilst you may not be able to offer the same cut-price deals, you can offer something equally valuable.  The personal touch.  Whether it’s excellent customer service, fantastic after-sales care or great product knowledge, you can still compete by demonstrating the added value you offer.
 People chose to do business with people they like.  Remember the quote, “People will forget what you said.  People will forget what you did.  But people will never forget how you made them feel”? This is where the small business owner can score those extra points.
How often have you left a major retailer, having made a purchase, but feeling like a cog in their much bigger aspirations?  Your sale doesn’t affect them, it is simply a figure that makes up their bottom line.  But, to the small business owner, that purchase will make a difference.
By capitalising on the fact that you can personalise your customer experience, you can make every single customer feel “special”.This is how you can score against your bigger competitor.
As consumers, we do business with those we “know, like and trust” and, as a small business owner, you have such opportunity to get to know your customers. By showcasing the “human” side of your business, you really stand out against your faceless multi-site competitors.
So, what can a small business do to maximise on the opportunities presented?  My 5 top Small Business Saturday ideas here:
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Two Heads Are Better Than One…


Small Business Saturday is only one day per year, but don’t forget it also offers great leverage to connect with other local business owners and start ongoing collaborations These may help you to reach a wider audience, increase footfall to your business and, of course, increase revenue.

Collaborations could include co-hosting an event or special promotion, writing a guest blog for their website or simply sharing posts on social media.  The opportunities are endless.
If you would like to get involved with Small Business Saturday 2018, you can register here, and you will find lots of inspiration and ways to promote your business, too.
Do let me know in the comments below your Small Business Saturday ideas.  And, if you would like help with small business marketing, social media management or small business support services, then please, get in touch. You can now also book a 30-minute discovery call via this link


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