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I recently provided some social media for business training and one of the most asked questions was, “What do I post on social media?” We all know that social media only works if you post good, interesting, educational and inspiring content and post that regularly.
But, how can you keep up with the demands of social media? How do you find the time to post good quality, relevant and up to date content that appeals to your audience when you have a hundred other things to do
One answer is to set aside a block of time on a weekly basis and use that time to schedule social media posts in advance.  This saves the frustration of staring at a blinking cursor, all the while aware of the ticking clock and your ever-increasing “To-Do” list. But how do you schedule social media posts and what tools do you need?

Content Curation

To provide an interesting, varied and appealing feed, you will need to include varied content from different sources. This could include content from your blog, relevant articles from trade or professional journals and anything else that you know will appeal to your audience.

Tools to ease the pain of curation

But finding the right content can involve hours trawling to find a handful of useful content, can’t it?  Not if you use a content curation tool like Feedly or DrumUp.  Both tools allow you to set lists by topic and will present you with a regular feed of articles based on these keywords.

Create a content calendar

Once you have decided upon content, you will need a content calendar and for this, I use Trello.  Trello allows me to create a board of cards.  (Think of the cork board you may have in your kitchen and you won’t be far wrong!) Trello is a great tool with many uses- To-Do lists, packing lists and project management work. It is an ideal and visual way to schedule social media posts. In Trello, I create a board entitled “Social Media” and, within that board, I make a list for each of the channels I wish to post to.  After this, I can add a post idea to a “card” and, within that card schedule a date for publication.  If I assign a coloured label to each list, then click onto the calendar, I have a visual representation of all my posts and when I intend to post them.  GREAT!

Schedule Away!

Hootsuite and Buffer both enable the user to add a direct stream to each of their social media platforms and to schedule content from there This allows you to work with the insights or analytics behind your social media pages and post at a time of day when your post will have greatest reach.
It’s advisable to only schedule a few days in advance, to ensure your content stays current.  But, a block of time each week spent curating and scheduling content is time well spent and could save you time as well as so much frustration!
Are you having difficulty finding the time to look after your company’s social media?  If you would like to outsource your social media scheduling or further help on scheduling social media posts, then contact me for a chat – no obligation, but lots of sympathy!

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