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Are you making the Episode or the Adverts? Part 3

Marketing Services for Your Business

This is the final blog in my three-part series relating to creating stories as a form of marketing for your business.  With 25+ years’ experience in marketing, it’s easy for me to talk about how important this all is.  But I get that, for some people, the idea of creating content is enough to get them heading for the hills!  That’s where Omnia’s marketing services come into their own!

Blog Writing.

One of the cornerstones of your content marketing.  I just can’t overstate how important a blog is to your overall marketing efforts.  But what about if you get writer’s block at the very thought of putting pen to paper?

Even though I provide marketing services to clients every working day, I can still find it difficult sometimes to talk about my own business. For some reason, we feel that writing about our goods and services is like blowing our own trumpet and, us British?  Well, that just would never do!  

But, here at Omnia, we are seasoned pros at creating content for a variety of different business-types.  Just give us a subject area and away we go! We can produce a blog post of a minimum 500 words and can even upload this onto your WordPress website, too.  If you like to include SEO, just give us a keyword (we can advise on search volume of you want us to) and we can optimise it so that you rank on Google and other search engines. Click here for our blog writing services

Social Media Content

Social media platforms offer the perfect opportunity to share your marketing stories.  But, why spend hours trying to come up with interesting content that will resonate with your target audience, when we can do this for you.  We offer social media marketing services in the form of both social media management and social media training.  More details of social media management can be found here and social media training here.  Alternatively, if you just want content created for your in-house team to post, then get in touch.

Marketing Collateral/Web Copy

Suppose you want to create some snazzy company brochures, or get a shiny new website off the ground?  Writing copy can take an age!  At Omnia, we can write this copy for you.  We’ll give you compelling copy that resonates with your target audience. Including storytelling in your copy allows you very quickly to grab your audience’s attention and to immediately start building the “Know. Like and Trust” with them. Find out more about our marketing services here.

Video Stories

With every major platform now having their own video story offering, it’s clear that video marketing is here to stay. According to Biteable 81% of businesses use video as  a marketing tool, so if you’re not using video yet, maybe you should! We can create wonderful images and video designs that will tell your story perfectly.  Why not book a discovery call with us to discuss your requirements?

Our Marketing Services are here to help!

So, over the past three blogs, I have discussed why you should be using storytelling and what a powerful tool that is to have in your marketing arsenal.  I have also looked at how to include those stories and the marketing services we offer to help you. 

Let me know if you’re inspired to use start storytelling and how it goes, I’d love to hear!

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