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“Social Media Management – isn’t that just writing something on Facebook”?

Why consider hiring a social media manager?

Social media management has so many elements.

My clients have different reasons for hiring a social media manager and my remit can vary from a budget-friendly profile audit to an all-singing, all dancing service to increase engagement.

So, what are the reasons for hiring a Social Media Manager? What tasks do I get asked to do the most?

Thinking of hiring a social media manager?

Here are my Top 10 Tasks:

1. Social Media Profile Audit

This is a quick (and painless, I promise) look at your existing profiles. I know that responsibility for a company’s social media is a job that seems to do the rounds. It passes from pillar to post.

Typically, X sets up a company profile and then leaves the company taking the login details with them. The original page is relegated to the “elephants graveyard” of old social media pages, where all redundant profiles lurk. It sits, inactive and unloved.

It’s never a good idea to have a dual personality and two (or more) identical social media pages is no different. It confuses your audience and gives the wrong picture of your business.

An audit can identify all these previous pages, and, in certain circumstances, pages are able to be merged.
An audit is also useful to check that all information, web addresses, telephone numbers and summary information is up to date and relevant. Through an audit, I can determine who your existing audience is, what days/times they are online and which sort of posts are resonating the best with them and earning you the best engagement rate. The whole process usually takes me under an hour to complete. (Click here to find out more)

2. Creating a social media strategy

Hiring a Social Media Manager - Omnia Business Management

Hands down, this is the single most important aspect of your social media management. Without knowing what you want to achieve, how can you know if your social media efforts are effective? Having 25 years of marketing experience, I am able to translate your business objectives into actionable steps for your social media. Not everyone calling themselves a SMM will offer this service, however. (Click here to find out more)

3. Creation of New Pages

The first stage for a new business or one that is new to the whole social media lark. It does pay to have a page set up professionally. However, It’s not rocket science. It’s an easy procedure and most platforms will walk you through but, like most things, it is far easier to do something right first time, then fix it later.
What’s important is that you optimise any information in your bio or summary section to aid with your rankings on Google (other search engines are available) (Click here to find out more)

4. Creating Content

This is the primary reason why someone considers hiring a Social Media Manager. You know you need content for your pages, but where on earth do you find a constant supply? It can be daunting trying to keep up to date with varied, interesting content. However, free tools like Feedly or DrumUp can help you source relevant content.

5. Scheduling Content

If there was an award for the biggest time-suck in anything social media, curating and scheduling content would run a hard race. Knowing what day and time to post your content is key to increasing your reach and engagement. If you use a scheduling tool, then posting your content at the optimal time is a breeze. Although free scheduling tools are available from Hootsuite and Buffer, there are other options, too, so shop around and find one that suits.

6. Creating Graphics

The human eye loves images and processes them 60,000 times faster than text. Why wouldn’t you use images and graphics in your content? Yet, recent research from LinkedIn suggests posts containing images receive less engagement than text-only posts . I haven’t seen this personally, and I continue to combine images and text-only content in my posts.

Images and graphics that you create should follow your brand guidelines. Make yourself easily recognisable by ensuring your images include your company branding. However,this all takes time, so consider hiring a social media manager to create great, branded content and save yourself the hassle!

7. Writing Blog Posts

I know the very idea of putting pen to paper fills some with horror, but I love it! A blog is such a valuable element of your inbound or content marketing. It reinforces your credibility, strengthening the “know, like and trust” relationship with your audience. In addition, If keywords are included, your blog can help drive traffic to your website and helps with SEO. (Click here to find out more)

8. Responding to Messages

Those of my clients that have customer-facing businesses will use social media to showcase their excellent customer service. It can also be great for those wishing to change customer perception of that business. Some clients ask me to handle responses to reviews or customer enquiries. With a positive spin, even negative reviews can be less damaging. What’s not to like?!

9. Sourcing images

Make sure that any images you use in your content have a Creative Commons Licence, because this means they are licensed for free use, even in a commercial context. Remember, that because an image appears on the internet, doesn’t make it free to use. By hiring a Social Media Manager, you can outsource the time-consuming task of finding the perfect image. My clients love that I am often able to source free images that are a world away from the usual stock photos!

10. Social Media Training

So, although this isn’t strictly social media management, it comes in on my Top Ten, simply because there are some clients, believe it or not, who ENJOY doing their own social media!
Some clients prefer to manage their platforms in-house and social media training will give them all the tools they need. With up to date knowledge in all major platforms, I tailor training to my clients’ individual need and ability. These sessions are usually 2 hours long, with a follow up session to check understanding. I firmly believe that “the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask” and I welcome questions of all shapes and sizes! What is great and so rewarding for me, is seeing my clients’ posts after training and how they change. (Click here to find out more)

Hiring a social media manager – summary

So, in summary, there are a myriad of tasks that make up good social media management. If you are considering hiring a social media manager, be clear on the tasks that you would like them to achieve. Good communication is key and ask for clarity on the results they expect to achieve. However, remember that social media or any marketing is never an overnight success and results can take time to achieve.

What are the biggest issues you face with social media? Please leave a comment and I will be happy to respond. Alternatively, if you would like a 30-minute FREE discovery call to discuss how we can help your social media shine bight, then you can book here

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