Hat Stand - Hire a Virtual Assistant

I have never been a great lover of hats.  They don’t suit me.  They don’t fit.  I look like I should be at a W.I. meeting.

Why am I writing about my cocklaphobia (fear of hats, don’t you know?!)? Well, it’s a very tenuous analogy to the life of a small business owner. (Bear with me here).

Small Business – Big Needs

When you start a small business, it’s pretty much a necessity that you do everything within that business.  You will make the tea, stuff envelopes with your marketing materials, even clean the kitchen at times. Not because you necessarily want to, but the job has to be done; you are on a budget and if you don’t do it, then who will? You wear all the hats (see what I did there?)  even though some are uncomfortable and some you down right dislike.  And you wear those hats all together, at the same time.  Which makes your head hurt.

As your business grows, it can be hard to break those habits.  Even though there may be more income, you have more clients and are therefore juggling more work in less time.  Sound familiar?

But, if you continue with your multiple-hat-wearing, you are limiting not only your business growth and development, but also your own sense of achievement and, ultimately, enjoyment of your business success.  You end up in a “hamster wheel” of business activity and become blinkered to growth opportunities.

So What’s The Solution?

Hire a Virtual Assistant.  Simple.   Allow yourself to start focussing back on why you started a business in the first place.

Make a list of all the tasks, big and small, that you do in a day and then highlight all those that you could outsource.  What do you enjoy doing?  What are you good at?  Make this list and outsource the other tasks to a Virtual Assistant.

By concentrating on what you enjoy and thereby freeing up time to concentrate on the core of your business, you are going some way to resetting your work/life balance.  We all have to work, so why not do your best to enjoy it?  Just because you own a business does not mean you have to become a martyr to it.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

In the same way that not all hats you try are going to suit you, running a business does not mean that you have to be an expert in everything asked of you.  Better to present yourself as an expert in your chosen field, rather than try and do all and present yourself as mediocre in them all.  However, if you hire a Virtual Assistant and outsource the tasks that a) you dislike doing b) do not have the expertise to do well or c) tasks that always get left to the bottom of that “To-Do” list, you can relieve yourself of the boredom and frustration, as well as cutting that “To-Do” list significantly.  In addition, your confidence will grow as you achieve results in what you actually enjoy.  You will be motivated and might actually have more energy.

Outsource to a VA

Of course, outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant is not a magic wand.  It can be difficult to feel you are not in total control anymore and to let go of the reins a little.  But, by building a relationship with your chosen Virtual Assistant and outsourcing your work to an expert, you could quite possibly increase your business and will, most definitely, be getting your work completed on time and to a fantastic standard.  In addition, you will regain some work/life balance.  What will you spend that extra time on?

If you are ready to discuss your business support needs, then please contact me for an informal discussion on how I can wear some of your hats!

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