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Growing Up – The story of a Rebranding.

This is the story of my recent rebranding exercise, both the highs and lows. If you follow me on social media (and if not, why not?!) then you may have noticed a few changes taking place. And not small changes here and there – a full rebranding, no less!

Rebranding – why now?

As my business has grown, it has naturally evolved. Consequently, I decided I wanted to bring focus to Omnia Virtual Assistance (as the company was then). Having been running for a year, I had a much clearer view of my business as a whole; the client-type I wanted to work with, who I worked best with and the sort of client I could bring value to.

This linked nicely with the services I wanted to offer. With 20 plus years of marketing experience, I knew where my own personal strengths and enjoyment lay. However, I knew that I didn’t want to limit myself to just marketing and social media services.

I realised that, with many years of owning and managing businesses, I wanted to focus more on providing a full remit of business management services – a “one stop shop”, if you like. A place for small business owners to find the support they need, in whatever area they need it. From this, Omnia Business Management was born.


Rebranding – where to start?

A new logo was in order. Having decided to focus on small business and female small business owners, Omnia’s corporate-looking “man in tie” logo didn’t fit the bill anymore. But what to replace it with? What did a logo that reflected me, my business values, my target female audience (whilst all the whole not alienating all the males I work with!) look like?

The answer was to turn to a lady I had met through my Reiki and Seichem training.

She also just happens to be a cracking artist! Kim was able to interpret my waffle into a series of sketches and (and with a lot of patience on her side) the “cupped hands” of Omnia Business Management developed. I see these hands as an illustration of the support and management that me and my team offer. A “safe pair of hands” in your business journey.

Now, the drawing was great but somehow that needed transforming into a digital logo. Next, Cerrie Simpson, at Dorset Designer took Kim’s design and did just that. With colour added, the logo began to take shape.

I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have brand colours again! My marketing brain was turning somersaults and threatening to disown me – “No consistency across your marketing? Whatever next?”! I felt hypocritical when my message to clients has always been consistency – the key to building trust and brand recognition. So,  it was time to practice what I preached.

Whilst this was going on, I had been working on rewriting my whole website. Everything was starting to come together. That exercise of focusing in on my services helped me to pivot everything around my ideal client and everything seemed to flow from there. Omnia Business Management was coming to life.

Rebranding – Easy journey or rocky road?

So far, so good. I was feeling upbeat and so pleased with my rebranding…but what do they say about pride coming before a fall? Read my next blog post to discover the lessons I learned in my rebranding journey and how I saw the funny side to business cards…

Don’t forget, if you would like help with your small business markeitng, perhaps some advice on what to consider when undertaking a rebranding exercise, then Contact Us

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