Power Hour with Julia


If you lack clarity in any area of your business, marketing or social media, then a Power Hour can make all the difference. Book your session now!



Are you stuck in a rut with your social media?

Are you just not sure where to start in marketing your business and “getting your name out there”?

Do you recognise that social media and wider marketing is key, but you just don’t feel confident in getting it right for YOUR business?

Perhaps you’re just starting out and want to get clear on what you need to be doing to promote your business and where?

Or maybe you’d just like a sounding board of someone who has been in your position, seen all the peaks and troughs and knows exactly what you’re going through?

If any of the above ring true, then why not book a POWER HOUR with me, Julia Ngapo?

Picture of Julia in a circle with text Power Hour with Julia

I have 25 years of experience of marketing in a variety of different industries, including 10 years as Marketing Director for an international company, with a multi-million-pound turnover. I have run successful businesses both in the UK and abroad and I know what it takes to create not only a sustainable business, but one that you can enjoy, too!

I now offer my experience to startups and small businesses and am passionate about helping YOU to achieve the business that you desire.

You’ll be amazed what we can achieve in a focused one-hour slot:

  • Get clear on your branding Identify your target market and how to reach them
  • Create your marketing/social media content plan
  • Understand which social platform is right for you
  • Be confident in creating the right content for your audience
  • Create a strategy for the steps you need to take to get your business moving in the right direction

A session costs £50 and is completely tailored to YOUR business, YOUR objectives and to answering YOUR burning issues.

A POWER HOUR can make all the difference! If you lack clarity in any area of your business, marketing or social media, then book your session now!