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Why Customer Reviews Are Good News For Your Business

Woman with thumbs up and thumbs down and customer review stars for business marketing

Why you should be using customer reviews in marketing Online shopping. Don’t you just love it? No crowds, no sore feet and no closing time.   But when was the last time that you bought something online without looking at the reviews first? Even if you are 99% sure you’re going to make that purchase, don’t…

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5 Social Media Engagement Ideas 2019

“Success in Social Media is more than big numbers, it’s about genuine human connection and engagement” – Tamara McCleary Social media engagement – ah, the holy grail of social media use – the thing we all strive for, because the more engagement, the bigger our potential audience, but how on earth do you get it,…

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Marketing Services for Your Business

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Are you making the Episode or the Adverts? Part 3 Marketing Services for Your Business This is the final blog in my three-part series relating to creating stories as a form of marketing for your business.  With 25+ years’ experience in marketing, it’s easy for me to talk about how important this all is.  But…

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How to use Marketing Stories

Photo of fountain pen nib Marketing Stories - Omnia Business Management

Are you making the Episode or the Adverts? Part 2 In my last blog, we talked about the power of storytelling in marketing and why you should use them. In this article, I’m going to focus on how to incorporate marketing stories into your content marketing. The purpose of interweaving a story into your marketing…

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Storytelling in Marketing

person holding string lights on opened book

Part 1 – Are you making the Episode or The Adverts? Do you harness the power of storytelling in marketing? Who doesn’t love a good story?  Our ancestors surely did.  From the caveman version of you and I, sat around the fire to modern day, stories unite us and create a common bond. We are,…

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Hiring a Social Media Manager

Hiring A Social Media Manager - Omnia Business Management

“Social Media Management – isn’t that just writing something on Facebook”? Why consider hiring a social media manager? Social media management has so many elements. My clients have different reasons for hiring a social media manager and my remit can vary from a budget-friendly profile audit to an all-singing, all dancing service to increase engagement.…

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Small Business Rebranding

The seeds are sown In my previous blog, I talk about how the seeds of Omnia Business Management were planted and how they grew.  But it wasn’t all plain sailing. In this second part of my blog, read how, when things go wrong, it can sometimes be a positive, as well as my top tips…

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Small Business Saturday Ideas

  Small Business Saturday Ideas – Time for your Business to Shine!   Looking for Small Business Saturday Ideas? Saturday 1 December 2018 marks more than the start of the festive season.  As Small Business Saturday 2018, it presents a golden opportunity for small businesses to show what they’re made of!   Small Business Saturday…

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Growing Up – The story of a Rebranding.

Growing Up – The story of a Rebranding.   This is the story of my recent rebranding exercise, both the highs and lows. If you follow me on social media (and if not, why not?!) then you may have noticed a few changes taking place. And not small changes here and there – a full…

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Using Hashtags for Business

    For many of us, hashtags are part of our everyday vocabulary. The term was added to The Oxford Dictionary in 2010 and the Scrabble Dictionary in 2014. But, many of us don’t understand how to use hashtags for business. #What is a Hashtag? Hashtags are the most popular way of categorising content. If…

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