Podcasting Videos: Are You Seen AND Heard?

Podcasting Videos-Podcast microphone against blue background

If you’re a podcast host, you’ve researched your topic, recorded, edited, uploaded, and promoted your episode. You would be forgiven for thinking your job is done.  But, are you serving your podcast episodes up in a way that will maximise your reach and, potentially, increase your audience? If you’re not creating podcasting videos, then you…

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The Benefits of Blogging

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Blogging is one of the cornerstones of inbound marketing.  Yes, it takes time…and inspiration…and patience…but it has so many potential benefits to your business that, if you are not including a blog in your content, then you are missing a great opportunity.  So, what are the benefits of blogging?… 1. It helps drive traffic to…

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Hiring a Social Media Manager

Hiring A Social Media Manager - Omnia Business Management

“Social Media Management – isn’t that just writing something on Facebook”? Why consider hiring a social media manager? Social media management has so many elements. My clients have different reasons for hiring a social media manager and my remit can vary from a budget-friendly profile audit to an all-singing, all dancing service to increase engagement.…

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Growing Up – The story of a Rebranding.

                    Growing Up – The story of a Rebranding. This is the story of my recent rebranding exercise, both the highs and lows. If you follow me on social media (and if not, why not?!) then you may have noticed a few changes taking place. And…

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Small Business Problems

Small Business Problems (and the challenge of overcoming them) Nobody ever said it was going to be easy, but small business owners face a somewhat unique set of challenges. As your business grows, so different problems arise, demanding different solutions. This article highlights four of the most common small business problems and outlines a possible…

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