Do You Need a Business Reboot?

How much money are you leaving on the table?

Has this past year or so seen your business put on the backburner?

As a result of Covid, have you had to adapt your business to a new way of working?

Perhaps you have lost team members and, as a result, things are being “dropped” or missed?

Who is doing your admin? Your social media? Your invoicing?

Are you spending more time working IN your business to cover the gaps?

We can offer you an interim solution to support you in ALL your routine tasks.

Our Business Reboot packages offer you a 10-hours per month support package, without the overheads of a permanent member of staff. We will take ownership of those routine jobs, allowing you to get back to growing your business.

Business Reboot Packages - Superwoman Behind Desk

Perhaps your products or services have changed, and you now need to communicate that to your audience?

Do you need to review your database and ensure you’re following up with the pre-pandemic leads?

Choose the option that fits your business best:

10 Hours Business Admin Reboot Package:

10 hours per month of focused support taking on your:

  • Admin tasks
  • Invoicing
  • Outreach

So, whatever tasks are currently being dropped or missed, we can provide interim support to enable you to get on and run your business.

£350 per month

10 hours Business Social Media Reboot Package:

Our dedicated Social Media and Marketing Reboot includes the following:

  • 2 newsletters per month, using MailChimp or MailerLite free tools.
  • 12  social media posts on 1 platform per month
  • 4 Canva graphics created for social media or blogs
  • 1 hour of social media engagement per month

The support you need from an outsourced marketing department!

£350 per month