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Spend an hour with me and I’ll get your social media and marketing on the right track.

Have you got an issue that you would like to resolve quickly and easily?  Have you got a question around your social media or marketing that you need a quick answer to?

Whatever the issue – if it relates to your social media or marketing, I can help you get unstuck.

Book a power hour with me and I’ll help you solve those burning social media or marketing issues.

Typical issues I can help you solve in a Power Hour:

  • Identifying the best platform for your business use
  • Understanding the best time to post to reach your audience
  • Finding the best scheduling tool to meet your needs
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Where can I find content sources?
  • How do I engage with my ideal client on social media?
  • Why is my existing strategy not working?
  • How can I connect one piece of tech to another?

Here’s how it works

Available via Zoom or telephone call, over the course of an hour, we’ll zone in on your particular business marketing or social media issue and get it working for you, so that you come away with clear steps to business social media or marketing success!

At least 24 hours before the call, you’ll receive a questionnaire, which will provide me with information for our call, so we can make the best use of the 1 hour we have together.

Session Structure

Defining the issue.  We will spend a few minutes reviewing your answers to the questionnaire and what you want to get out of the session. I will outline what we can realistically achieve during our hour together.

Creating the solution. We will discuss the issue in-depth and I will give you the clear steps you need to take to solve the issue.

Follow- Up.  After our session, I will email you a report, together with a recording of our call.  You will have clear action points.  I will then arrange a telephone call with you, typically 1 week later, to check on your progress.

If you’re looking for an actionable social media strategy, then you need our Power Hour +1. Although not a Power Hour in its traditional form, I will spend two hours getting to know you, your business aims and objectives and create a strategy with clear steps to help you achieve those goals.

You will receive a written copy of your strategy, together with a recording of our session within 48 hours of the call.

If you would like support in implementing your plan, then we are happy to assist.

Take the guesswork out of your marketing and book a Power Hour with me today!

Power Hour


Power Hour +1



£40 / Hour