Creating Your Social Media Content Plan

Omnia Business Management - Piboard containing lots of reminders

Do you struggle to know what to post on your business social media? Creating an effective social media content plan that doesn’t take all day to create or require tons of time in content creation is one of the biggest challenges that we see when working with small businesses. That eternal headache of knowing what…

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November Social Media Ideas

November-social-media-ideas - Autumn leaves spelling out November

If you’re looking for content inspiration for your November social media, we have the solution! So, if your November content inspiration starts and ends with Guy Fawkes Night, then we are here to help you out of the slump, with a massive 109 ideas, complete with relevant hashtags, GIFs to download and graphics to customise…

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October Social Media Ideas

Hello October with pumpkin

Looking for inspiration for your October social media? Yes, there’s Halloween, but what other ideas do you have to create content around? If social media content creation is a chore, then never fear!  To help you get started, we’ve curated 124 October social media ideas for you, complete with hashtags, Gifs to download and some…

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Podcasting Videos: Are You Seen AND Heard?

Podcasting Videos-Podcast microphone against blue background

If you’re a podcast host, you’ve researched your topic, recorded, edited, uploaded, and promoted your episode. You would be forgiven for thinking your job is done.  But, are you serving your podcast episodes up in a way that will maximise your reach and, potentially, increase your audience? If you’re not creating podcasting videos, then you…

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5 Easy Ways to Build Customer Trust

5 ways to build customer trust - woman building pink and blue toy bricks - Omnia Business Management

No matter how good your products or services, unless you build customer trust in your business, you are seriously limiting your potential. In this blog, we’ll look at the reasons why building customer trust is so important and then look at 5 ways to do just that. What’s the Big Deal with Customer Trust? When…

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September Social Media Ideas

Hello September in Paint

Here we are in September already and that means a full 30 days of social media content to create.  Here at Omnia, we’re all about doing the hard work for you, so we have created a full 116 September social media content ideas for you! Complete with hashtags, Gifs to download, and some graphics, too,…

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Blogging for Your Business

Desk view with "Blog ideas" on computer screen

There are so many benefits of blogging for your business that, if you’re not doing it, then you really are missing a trick. Now, if you’re thinking to yourself, “But I don’t have time to add another task to my to-do list”, then listen up! What other tool is there that can establish and reinforce…

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August Social Media Ideas

Flat lay with calendar for August with summer holidays fashion accessories. Social media blog; schedule; planning; summer vacations concept. Flatlay; top view

Welcome to our breakdown of August social media ideas – your one-stop-shop for a whopping 117 ideas, all based around the innumerable awareness days, national and international days that occur in August. It can take time to trawl through online calendars to find days that you can use for your business social media, so we’ve…

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July Social Media Ideas


Welcome to our run down of July Social Media Ideas to pep up your posts.  If ever there was an ideal month for food producers, retailers, and hospitality and catering establishments, then July is surely it! Bursting with food awareness days, and a few around beverages, too, July is the perfect month to harness some…

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