Expert Social Media Marketing Services

Omnia Business Management offers expert, efficient virtual social media marketing services, together with more “traditional” marketing consultancy. Whatever the challenge you are facing, Omnia Business Management can provide a solution. We can free up your time, allowing you to invest back into your business, concentrate on those things that only you can do, (or even that you enjoy!), and generate that all-important revenue.

All About Me

My name is Julia Ngapo and I am the founder of Omnia Business Management. I manage a small team of freelancers and, together, we are passionate about providing social media marketing services to businesses both nationally and internationally. My particular areas of specialism are marketing support and consultancy and social media management.

I have almost 30 years’ experience in managing and running businesses across a variety of industries. Having originally studied law, life took me in a different direction and I became the Marketing Director of a UK-based legal publishing company, with responsibility for two UK and one SE Asia office. Whilst living in New Zealand (my husband is a Kiwi – hence the crazy surname!) I also owned and ran my own successful business.

I bring all of my experience and expertise to Omnia Business Management.

Outside of Omnia

I have a really supportive and close-knit family. I am Mum to two wonderful children, who have both grown up and flown the nest. My son is a Mechanical Engineer, working in Bristol and my daughter is a Recruitment Coordinator I am a really proud Mum of them both.

My husband always cheers me on. More importantly, he keeps me fed (as a Chef, I think that’s only right, don’t you?!). He listens to me witter on about Facebook algorithm changes and marketing strategies without yawning once! Being a Kiwi, he is so laid back as to be almost horizontal, but he also keeps me sane! Having worked together previously, we complement each other well and he’s really good at practical things too, which...I’m not!

My parents live locally, too which is great. They have a far healthier social life than me, but sometimes I am able to catch up with them between their trips abroad.

Julia Ngapo - Social Media Marketing Services

What few people know, is that I am naturally empathic and intuitive. I find this really enhances my work and the connection I make with my clients. I have trained in Seichem and Reiki energy healing and meditation. This has further expanded my understanding and knowledge of complementary and alternative therapies.

In addition to Omnia Business Management, in 2020 I launched Julia Ngapo Business Coaching. It seemed a natural progression as I have been providing a form of coaching for many years, in the strategies I create for marketing clients. These are never “just” about the marketing, but more about the business as a whole and it’s a part of the business that I love, so I decided to make it official with this second business.

I have a real thirst for knowledge and try to soak up as much information as I can. This definitely helps me with the social media marketing services I offer. Whether that involves creating social media content, writing blog posts, or marketing copy. Essentially, both social media and marketing involve telling a story and I have always wanted to write a book, it’s just coming up with a decent plot that lets me down.