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If you’ve spent time and effort creating a lead generation magnet, perhaps a great opt-in that’s going to make your audience’s life easier, a checklist or how-to article, then it makes sense that you’re going to want to get as many eyes on that offering as possible.

But how do you promote your lead magnet without spending your entire year’s marketing budget?  Do you have to go down the route of Facebook ads or boosted posts or are there other ways you can promote your lead magnet that won’t break the bank?

Having just created a lead magnet in the form of our Smashing Social Media 365 Pack, I was looking for ways to promote it that would get it in front of as large an audience as possible, but that wouldn’t cost the earth.  Here are my top 7 ideas on promoting your freebie…well, for free (or very little).

1. Create a landing page

When you create a lead magnet, you need to create a landing page to go with it.  This is where, when someone clicks the link to the download, they are directed to and where you’ll collect their contact details in exchange for your free item.  Your landing page should include:

  • A headline describing what your lead magnet is all about
  • A detailed description of what they are getting – (I know, it’s free, but you still need to manage expectations)
  • A demonstration that you understand and appreciate the issues they are facing and, consequently how the lead magnet will help them
  • A “sneak peek” of what they’re getting (but don’t give away too much! You need your audience to download it, after all)
  • Social proof – testimonials from happy customers

Including this information makes for compelling copy and will help persuade your audience that your lead magnet is exactly what they need to make their life easier.

2. Add pop-up boxes

Have you got a pop-up box on your website for visitors to sign up to your newsletter, for example?  Why not use this to promote the freebie? Better still, add an automated sequence of emails after they’ve signed up to follow up on their experience.

3. Create a Downloads page on your website

How useful for your audience to have access to a page containing downloads and resources aimed specifically to their wants and needs.  By creating a page to house all your lead magnets, you have the opportunity to upsell other items to your visitor. For example, have the freebie available, next to a “full item” available to purchase.

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4. Post on Instagram

It can be really frustrating that Instagram only gives you the facility to put one link in your Bio.  How can you promote your lead magnet, plus your latest blog without just giving one link to your homepage and crossing your fingers that your visitor will navigate to your freebie?  The answer is a third-party app, like Linktree allows you to link to multiple places on your website, all under one “umbrella” link. Create one button for your blogs and one for your landing page et voilà!

5. Use your Social Media Bios

Your social media bios are where anyone new to your profiles will go to read a little bit about you.  Make use of the power that your bio presents and put a link to your lead magnet there! Use a link-shortening tool like Bitly to create a trackable link, so you know from where your best traffic source is generated. Temporarily change your LinkedIn headline to promote your lead magnet or add a sentence or two to the first line or two of your summary.

6. Promote on Social Media

Of course, you’re going to create posts promoting your lead magnet and containing a link to your landing page.  In addition, make your Facebook or Twitter banner work for you by using them to shout about your freebie.  You can also pin a Tweet or post to the top of your feed, so that it is the first thing that anyone sees when they visit your profile.

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Don’t forget to promote your lead generation magnet in any groups to which you belong but do make sure you’re not violating any “no promotion” rules first!

7. Include a link in your email signature

Straightforward, but often forgotten.  Your email signature is seen by everyone to whom you send an email every day.  That’s a huge promotional opportunity!

Your lead magnet has no doubt taken some effort to create.  Make sure you are getting the maximum promotional opportunity out of it by using as many of the above as possible.  Remember that whatever your lead magnet offering entails, it has the potential to solve the problems, save the time of your audience and that is invaluable.  The key is that your lead magnet should represent real value to your target audience and that your copy creates a compelling reason why they should give you their email details in exchange for this nugget of information.

Which ways have you found to promote your lead generation magnet?  I’d love to know!  Please comment and share your winning ways.

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