Social Media Marketing Ideas

How do you come up with fresh social media marketing ideas?

Not sure what to post on social media?

I get it.  You set up your profile on your platform of choice and it all goes swimmingly for a while.  You pour your heart and soul into posts that you’re sure your audience will LOVE.  And some they do, it’s true. But then other “stuff”, like earning a living gets in the way.  You’re spending too much time on social media and you’re just not sure what to post anymore.  The inspirational well has well and truly run dry.

But, never fear!  We’ve put together our favourite social media marketing ideas that you can adapt and use to suit your business.  Here goes…

Curation – v – Creation.

Your audience are looking to you to provide a solution to their problems, so it’s important that you demonstrate to them that you’re up to speed on the latest industry happenings. What better way to do this than to share content from other sources? By doing this, you also provide value to your customers.  Worried you’ll have to read every newspaper to find the content?  Don’t be!  There are some great content curation sites available – Drumup and Feedly are two of our favourites and they’re both free – even better! Simply search by subject or keyword and these little wonders of technology will curate a list of relevant articles for you to share.

Go Behind-the Scenes.

Let’s face it, we’re all pretty nosey at heart!  We love to see the inner workings of anything; the bits that we’re “not supposed to see”.  Use this in your social media and demonstrate the human faces behind the business.  How about a shot of production?  A team meeting (with cake, naturally) a storeroom packed with next season’s stock…the range of new social media marketing ideas you can create from this one idea is endless.  Not only do your audience get to feel they are invited into the “inner sanctum” of your business, they get to know your brand more and start building that all-important know, like and trust.

Your latest blog post.

Sharing your blog on your website should just be the start.  By posting it on social media you can widen its’ exposure as friends of followers are potentially driven to your profile or website. How will anyone know you’ve published a new blog unless you tell them? Post excerpts and quotes as well as links to your blog posts and don’t be afraid to repurpose this sort of content for as long as it’s relevant.

Poll your followers.

It doesn’t even have to be an earth-shatteringly important question.  Pick a fun and light-hearted topic and ask your audience a question.  We all love to give our opinions.  Polls are also a great way of getting inside your target audience’s head.  Find out what they think on a subject and then target your content accordingly.

Post coupons on Facebook.

For product or service-based businesses, this can be a winner.  Everyone loves feeling they’ve got something for (relatively) nothing. Build up to posting a discount with teaser posts and your audience will keep coming back to check they’re not missing out.  If your Facebook page is largely passive; you’re not getting much business from it, then this can be a great social media marketing idea to not only boost engagement, as your audience potentially share the coupons between friends, but also turn that passive Facebook audience into customers.

Run a reaction campaign.

We’ve all seen the new reactions available on both Facebook and LinkedIn; the alternatives to the standard “Like” button of clapping hands, a heart, angry, sad etc.  Why not create engagement by asking your audience to vote using one of the reaction buttons?  For example, a holiday company may ask their audience, “What’s your dream getaway? Press Like for Beach, Love for snow, “It really is that easy and a great social media marketing idea that any business can use.

Finally, the last of our social media marketing ideas…

Tag a Friend.  This is a great idea to bring some humour to your content.  There are so many memes on social media these days, why not use one that is relatable to your business and ask your audience to tag a friend to whom the meme might apply or who would enjoy the post.  This is a great way to encourage sharing of your content, without appearing overly pushy or promotional.

So, there we have it.  Our take on the best social media marketing ideas of the moment.  It goes without saying that the first step in creating great content is knowing your audience.  By understanding what makes them “tick”, you can create content with them at the centre, that brings them value and, above all, keeps them coming back for more.

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