“Success in Social Media is more than big numbers, it’s about genuine human connection and engagement”

– Tamara McCleary

Social media engagement – ah, the holy grail of social media use – the thing we all strive for, because the more engagement, the bigger our potential audience, but how on earth do you get it, without having to resort to bribery or corruption (or paid advertising, at least)?

There really is little worse than pouring all your creative talent into content, only to watch it fall flat, whilst tumbleweed barrels across your profile.  It’s not fun. And it’s true that recent algorithm changes have made it even more difficult to get “meaningful engagement” on your content, without paying for the privilege, but never fear!  We at Omnia are here to point you in the direction of great engagement with our fabulous social media engagement ideas!  So buckle up and here we go…

Social Media Engagement Ideas

Idea 1 – Ask and you shall receive..

How many times do you get asked, “Are you okay?” You’ll get it when you walk into a shop, when you visit your aged granny and even when you receive one of those annoying sales-y calls.  But, it’s an easy way to engage with someone that takes minimum effort on your part.  Asking for someone’s opinion on social media makes them feel as if you value their input. Why not create a poll? Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have this facility and there’s a reason for that! Your audience love to feel involved. It doesn’t have to be anything too probing, just choose a topic that you know others will have strong opinions on and ask away.

Idea 2- Understand Your Audience. 

The truth is that your audience members have multiple interests aside from your content.  You can use the Analytics tools on your social platforms to discover what these are.  Post content related to these subjects and demonstrate that you have the needs and interests of your audience in mind.

Idea 3 – Elicit Emotion.

Include content that stirs the emotion – whatever that emotion may be – anger, sadness, joy, they’re all valid and if you can elicit these feelings in your audience through your content as a means of increasing your social media engagement.  Remember, however, that we live in a politically-correct environment, so steer clear of any content that may offend.

Idea 4 – Competitions. 

It’s an oldie, but goodie!  Incentivise your audience by rewarding them with a giveaway, a freebie or a prize.  Remember, however, that there are strict rules on what constitutes the charmingly-named “clickbait” – posts that require the audience to “Like, Comment & Share” are a no-no and can get you banged into Facebook jail.  More information  and suggestions on “safe” competitions can be found here.

Idea 5 – Express yourself.

Authenticity and showing your true self as opposed to some shiny version is the key to building not only trust in you and your brand, but also increasing social media engagement amongst your followers.  In a crowded market place, your personality, the human face behind the brand, is what sets you apart from everyone else. Don’t be afraid to show your true self.  Your audience will thank you for it.  Every platform has its own “customisation” tools in the form of stickers, GIFs and filters.  Use them to create humour, expression and fun in your content.

So, there we have it.  5 social media engagement ideas.  Of course, it stands to reason that you also need to be consistent in frequently posting varied, valuable and interesting content, too.  And it’s worth remembering that we all get it wrong sometimes.  What matters most is that you are flexible in your engagement strategy and willing to give these tips a go! 

What social media engagement ideas do you have?  I’d love to know!

Photo of a hand holding a light bulb. Social media engagement ideas.

If you’re struggling with your social media – maybe you haven’t got the time to use it properly, or even if you don’t know where to start, then get in touch.  We have a number of support options, from setting up profiles,  creating content, full management or even social media training, so whatever your requirement we can help.

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